Due to COVID-19 all events by all promoters have been cancelled or postponed. We will be looking to make up for lost time once we are safely able. 


Due to the recent closure, and the new protocols that will be in place, our facility is getting reconfigured to better provide a gym experience that will be spacially safe for the members. With smaller class sizes you will be able to get a top notch workout in while staying safe, and be able to be coached through the class. The new layout will also create less shared equipment by 66%, and of course everything that's used is being cleaned and disinfected between each class, including the floor. My goal is to create a place where you can come workout in a care free space because you know everything is safe and the equipment, coaching and overall experience is the best in the Temescal Valley.

Re-Open June 1st

CFSOS will be re-opening on June 1st. After revamping the entire set up and layout of the gym, we will be altering our training offering from group to small group PT. The difference is now our sessions will be capped at 3 participants and 1 coach. This will give up proper social distancing, and allow for less contact or exposure to others during our time in the gym. Also, the resulting by product of this new format is that you will receive an even better gym experience, and here's how. Since now I'll only have to explain the workout to 4 people, there will be less confusion and repeating instructions. Also with only 3 people it will take less time to get set up, and proceed into the WOD specific warm up and practice reps. Finally, with only 4 people, I'll have a better chance to watch each person, offer corrective tips & suggestions, help with any modifications and give out praises of a job well done.

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